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Lviv travel guide, find useful information about Lviv, Lvov, Lwow city, Ukraine. The best travel guide for Lviv. Tourist guide and tourist information for Lviv, Ukraine.

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Some words about the history

Lviv was founded in 1256 and since then it was under rule of different states and empires (Halych-Volyn Principality, Poland, Habsburg Empire, again Poland, Nazi occupation, USSR, Ukraine). During centuries city was called as Leopolis, Lemberg, Lwów, L’viv, Lvov. The great variety of different ethnic groups (Ukrainians, Poles, Germans, Jews, Armenians, Greeks and other) had been living here since city’s early years, it was a wealthy center of trade, culture and education. Lviv was lucky enough to escape the terrible destruction in World War One and World War Two. The city of Lion has a lot of legends and sometimes it’s impossible to find out if it’s a true story or only a myth.

Nowadays Lviv is the city of festivals, coffee, chocolate, beer and a great tourist center. City architecture is very rich and includes buildings in renaissance, baroque and the classic styles. There are works by artists of the Vienna Secession, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. The Ensemble of the Historic Centre is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Lviv Travel Guide
One of the most beautiful and romantic cities of Eastern Europe, the cultural capital of  Ukraine, the city of sleeping lions. It’s all about Lviv. The beauty and mysterious charm of this city won’t leave you indifferent.

Lviv is always ready to show you something new and exciting. So just walk through its narrow streets with opened soul and try to feel the spirit of the old city where every building can tell you its own unique story.

How to start exploring the city

If you don’t have a guide, we recommend you to start exploring the city from Rynok square (Market square), that is the center square of Lviv. Behind the Neptune fountain on southwestern side of this square you’ll find Tourist Informational Center. There you can get a city map and a list of today’s events for free and some other useful information. There are a lot of  road signs, information desks, maps of the sights across whole Lviv.

Almost all main landmarks in the city center are reachable by feet. All the city can be viewed from the mountain called Vysokyi Zamok (High Castle), you can also enjoy the scenery from Ratusha (Town Hall), it will cost you 15 hryvnias (≈1.5 EUR), if it’s not too windy, we definitely advise you the Town Hall.

Churches, palaces, theatres, museums, galleries…

There are a lot of old and gorgeous churches and cathedrals in the old city. The Bernardine Monastery, Latin Cathedral and chapel of Boim family near it, St. George's Cathedral, Dominican Church and the Armenian Cathedral are definitely worth visiting, rich variety of architecture styles and magnificent interior of the cathedrals are really breathtaking.

Don’t miss to visit beautiful Opera House and the Palace of Potocky (15 Kopernyk str).

Lviv also has lots of museums and galleries. We can advise you to visit Museum Pharmacy ( 2 Drukarska str. ), it is the oldest pharmacy founded in 1735 and it still works, Arsenal( 5 Pidvalna str.) is a museum of cold weapons and armour. Lychakiv Cemetery (Mechnikova str), mysterious place with total area of 40 hectares and 23 beautifully adorned chapels and shrines, which belonged to wealthy Lviv families, excursions by night are also provided. The Lviv Beer Brewing Museum (18 Kleparivska str), degustation of «Lvivske» beer is included in the price of the ticket(15 hrn ≈ 1.5 EUR ) for adults over 18 years.

There are also a lot of other museums in the city. Entry ticket varies in different museums from 1 to 20 hrn (≈0.1 - 2 EUR) per person.

Restaurants, cafés, bars, night clubs…
Lviv can offer you a great choice of places to eat and to drink with having some fun. Everyone will find something that suits his taste and budget.

Do you want to try some local cuisine? “Pusata Khata” (12 Sichovych Striltsiv str ) is a lovely fast-food restaurant with Ukrainian traditional meals and rather fair prices.

“Kryivka” ( 14 Rynok sq) is very popular restaurant, so it’s better to order a table, password on the entrance is “Slava Ukra- ee- ne”, remember it.  It’s unusual and interesting place.

If you are hungry for bright impressions, visit “Masoch Café” (7 Serbs'ka str), which is dedicated to Leopold von Sacher-Masoch (Lviv-born Austrian writer who created a term “masochism”). It’s a very famous and extraordinary place, be ready for unexpected and maybe even shocking surprises. Don’t forget to buy some delicious handmade sweets and chocolate in “Lviv Chocolate Workshop” near “Masoch Café” ( 3 Serbs’ka Street).

Beer fans will definitely enjoy the restaurant-brewery “Kumpel” (6 Vynnychenka str), the freshest and not filtered beer in Lviv, tasty meals, lovely atmosphere is waiting for you. Prices here are a bit higher than average ones but portions are really large.

Coffee is a bit more than just a drink for locals. There are many beautiful places to have an aromatic cup of coffee and all of them are different. We recommend you to visit “Na bambetle”( 29 Rynok sqr), very cozy place, they offer Turkish coffee (made in a cezve (coffee pot) on the sand). “Zolotyi Dukat” (20 Fedorova str) is a coffee house with romantic atmosphere and great assortment of the best coffee from all over the world. Prices for a cup of coffee usually start from 9-12 hrn (≈1 Euro).

In Lviv some cafés and restaurants are also some kind of museums and galleries, for example “Hasova Lyampa” (20 Virmens'ka str.), “Dzyga” (35 Virmens'ka str) or restaurant/café  “The House of Legends” with really exiting interior dedicated to Lviv legends (48 Staro-yevreiska str).  Across the street you’ll find Jewish restaurant “Pid Zolotoju Rozoju”, where you won’t find prices in menu, you’ll have to haggle with a waiter.

Nowadays Lviv is the city of young people, so night life is bright. There are about 15 night clubs in the city. In some of them you’ll have to pay to get in, entrance fees can depend on day and your sex, usually it’s about 40-100 hrn (4-10 Eur). “Picasso” (88 Zelena str), “Millennium” (2 Chornovola ave) are the most popular ones, “Fashion Club” (1 Pidkovy sq) is the most fashionable and expensive one.

Useful Information
The best way to stay in Lviv is to book a hotel or rent an apartment. Apartments are cheaper than hotels and offer the same facilities, except breakfast. Cheap hotels can also be found in the center of Lviv, our recommendations are here: Lviv Hotels. For those who are looking for something more luxurious, Lviv has to offer some excellent four and five star deluxe hotels. They can be found here: Luxury Lviv Hotels

- Free Wi-Fi access is available in front of Opera House, on the Rynok square, in some cafés (ask the waiters).

- It’s forbidden to smoke and to drink alcohol on the streets, in parks and in public places. You can see locals smoking and drinking beer but recommend you not to do this otherwise you can have problems with police. Smoking in cafés and restaurants is available but not everywhere, ask waiters.

- It’s forbidden to sell any alcohol from 22.00 till 10.00 in the shops or markets, you can buy alcohol only in restaurants.

- We don’t recommend you to drink tap water.
- Be ready that almost everything in Lviv is written in Cyrillic, including menu in some cafés and restaurants.
- Be ready that not all locals speak English, especially older generation.