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Lviv, Ukraine Hotels. Find the best cheap and luxury hotels, apartments, guest houses, rooms, pension, hostels in Lviv city. Accommodation services for Lviv, Ukraine. The best hotels in Lviv, Ukraine, online hotel reservations at special discount rates. Lviv city center hotels.


The Best Hotels In Lviv

Hotels in Lviv

Search for Hotels in Lviv. Fast and easy online hotel reservations for Lviv with a few clicks. Stay during your holidays in Lviv at the best hotels in the city center. Choose through a large variety of hotels, apartments, hostels and guest houses in Lviv, Ukraine.

Find the best hotels rates for your stay in Lviv. Hotels in the city centre and close to all Lviv attractions. Cheap hotels are available and prices start from 35 EUR per night. For more luxury lodgings we have to suggest you some of the bestt hotels for you, search for our recommendations.

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Citadel Inn Hotel Lviv

The beautiful and magnificent five stars, Citadel Inn Hotel and Resort is located in the historical centre of Lviv, on 11 Grabovski street, near the park area of the city.

Grand Hotel Lviv

Grant Hotel, which is situated in the historical centre of Lviv, is a beautiful 4 stars hotel that combines pleasantly the traditional and the contemporary elements.

Dnister Hotel Lviv

Dnister Hotel is a contemporary and yet traditional hotel that offers a unique blend of the modern comforts and the never ending Ukrainian hospitality.

Opera Hotel Lviv

Opera Hotel functions with great attention to detail and personified service. The hotel is a modern oasis in the beautiful city of Lviv offering upmost and lavish comforts and services.

The Best Luxury Hotels in Lviv

Top Cheap Hotels in Lviv

Lviv accommodation services, find the best for you hotels in Lviv, hotels in Lviv, apartments in Lviv, rooms in Lviv, guest houses in Lviv, studios, villas and hostels. Accommodation in Lviv, Ukraine. Search for hotels in the city center of Lviv near to all attractions, monuments, museums and touristic places, such as the Market Square, Olesko Castle, Mazancz Palace, Lubomirski Palace etc.

Book online your hotel in Lviv through LvivHotels.org. The rates that you will find through our pages are much lower than the official hotel rates and include all taxes. The best cheap and luxury hotels in Lviv are here!!!

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Eurohotel Lviv

Eurohotel is situated in a commercial part of the city of Lviv and offers an excellent accommodation in a beautiful location near important museums and monuments.

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Nton Hotel Lviv

Nton Hotel is a modern and comfortable Ukrainian hotel, situated near the heart of the city offering beautiful accommodation in Lviv.

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Leopolis Hotel Lviv

Hotel Leopolis is a five stars boutique hotel situated in the centre of the beautiful Ukrainian city of Lviv. The luxurious hotel is located near important sights and monuments of the city.

George Hotel Lviv

George hotel is a beautiful and elegant historical hotel located in the old city of Lviv. The hotel’s building is actually an architectural design from the Austrian-Hungarian monarchy.

Eney Hotel Lviv

Eney Hotel is a small and hospitable hotel with a Greek name, located in the heart of Lviv’s old city. This 3 stars hotel offers an excellent accommodation in the beautiful Ukrainian city of Lviv.

Volter Hotel Lviv

Volter Hotel is an elegant hotel, situated near the centre of Lviv. This Ukrainian hotel offers a relaxing and pleasant accommodation to those visiting the city of Lviv.

Sykhiv Hotel Lviv

Sykhiv is beautiful and elegant 3 stars hotel in the city of Lviv. It is situated in a peaceful area of the city, from where the commercial centre and all the sights, the monuments and museums are in a close distance.

Vintage Boutique Hotel Lviv

Vintage Hotel is a beautiful and elegant hotel which is situated in the old town of Lviv. The amazing boutique hotel is near the countless sights of this Ukrainian jewel city.

Edem Hotel Lviv

Edem Hotel is situated in the centre of the city of Lviv and is an excellent sample of the Ukrainian hospitality. Guests of the hotel can move around the city easily and fast, visiting all the important monuments of the city of Lviv.

Drevny Grad Hotel Lviv

“Drevny Grad” is a unique hotel inside a park, surrounded by trees and flowers. The hotel is located in a secured area where guests feel first of all safe and forget all their everyday worries and troubles.

Apartments & Hostels in Lviv

Old Town Apartments Lviv

The Old Town Apartments are an excellent choice of accommodation for those people who plan a trip to Ukrainian and intend to spend many days in Lviv.

Central Square Hostel Lviv

Central Square Hostel, which is located in Rynok Square, offers a nice accommodation in the centre of the city of Lviv near many monuments, museums and commercial areas of the city.

Kurmanovich Hostel Lviv

Kurmanovich is a small hostel located a few kilometers from the Old Town Lviv.  It is near Levandivskogo Park and it offers a relaxing and cheap accommodation.